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Get a Clear Content Strategy Based On Your Unique Needs

Here to help with practical and actionable strategies for your growth. Whether you're planning a successful product launch, running an in-store activation, or boosting your brand awareness, we've got you covered.

With our guidance, you won't need to reinvent the wheel; instead, we'll fine-tune your existing strategy with creative direction. Think of it as getting a bike and needing someone to show you how to ride it. You already have the tools; you just need the right guidance.

We'll help you steer your business to connect with your audience and distribute your brand message effectively.

Engage Your Customers with Immersive Content

We drive your brand reach and sales by integrating immersive content into your marketing strategy. Our team of over 10 innovative creators and developers can transform any concept into a captivating reality, utilising 3D/CGI/AR experiences on social media to bring a heightened sense of immersion to your brand, accessible through smartphones alone.

Why choose immersive content?
Because offering an experience is no longer sufficient to stand out. It's about connecting deeply with what you're seeing; it's about establishing a genuine presence with the content.

Immersive content is more than just a style; it represents a whole new form of content.

Just a quick Hello

Hi, we are innovative marketing experts with over a decade of experience, running marketing campaigns for both corporate giants and startups across Asia, the Middle East, and the UK.

Together with a team of pioneering creators, we operate a one-stop content studio catering to marketers who crave immersive content.

We believe that we are entering the Immersive Era of Media & Marketing, where CGI & AR content will dominate the shopping experience. This preference for tech-enhanced shopping has steadily grown since the onset of the pandemic, with Gen Z eagerly anticipating its expansion into various other industries.

In today's competitive landscape, it's evident that brands need immersive content not only to engage but also to establish a deep emotional connection with their customers. We are here to make those connections seamless for you.



Content Production

Hello Crazy Neighbor Game 3D, Gaming

Content Production & Go-to-market (1M+ downloads)

AI Marvel, AI Media

Branding & Content Production

Wynkiverse, Web3

Communication strategy & SMM

Metaverse Fashion Council, Web3

Advisor & Content Contributor

Greenwich, IT recruitment

Branding, Positioning and Messaging Strategy

The Insights Family, MarTech

Branding, Vertical Marketing & Lead Gen Campaign

MyPeti, App

Branding, market research, UX/UI

Balancy, App

Branding, market research, UX/UI


MFM, Fashion

Advisor & Content Contributor

E2 Event & Exhibition Centre, Events

VR Marketing & PR

GL events Dubai, Events

PR & Communication Strategy

Fashion TV, Dubai

Go-to-market strategy & PR

Keegan Consulting, Construction

Branding & positioning

Platinum Black, Beauty

Marketing Strategy & Content Production


Anastasiia is one of the most brilliant marketers I have worked with during my 15 years in commercial roles. Her and her team have a huge amount of knowledge on the subject and clearly invests a lot of time in their own continuous development, which shows in their meticulous approach. They are particularly adept at taking in the extent of the need/ issue and being able to craft a very tailored, multi-faceted and carefully measured mixed content plan. I have genuinely never known anyone be able to create quality output inclusive of both marketing strategy and business objectives and, just as importantly, the step-by-step tactical actions to deliver against the plan. Given the opportunity, I would only ever work with this team moving forward.

Jenny Kieras, Global Head of Key Accounts CATALYX

AK utilised their skills in content marketing and writing to bring attention to our new brand. Under thier guidance, we experienced excellent growth and they successfully developed marketing strategies, including branding, a new website, and social media campaigns. Additionally, their social media efforts resulted in a significant increase in our audience (@platinumblackae) .

Olga Kiernan, General Manager Platinum Black Dubai

AK's work brought so much value to our company that what started as a few days project became a 12-month contract. During this time we have worked on several tech and media startup concepts from scratch to finish together. 

Not only does they have a great expertise in content creation and marketing but they are also able to grasp the specifics of any business very quickly.

Looking forward to our next project together!

Jonathan Janik, Founder AI Marvel | GlobalUP

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